Summertime Compressor Concerns

"Summertime Compressor Concerns" written in white over a background of a hot summer sky

Spring has yielded to warmer temperatures and bright sunny days. Summertime is officially here! Everything feels good and pleasant. But perhaps, not for your compressor.

Did you know that summer weather brings additional concerns for your compressor? Summer carries with it a host of considerations for your system, including higher temperatures and increased humidity.

outside temperatures correspond to higher ambient temperatures surrounding
equipment. The hotter a compressor runs the less efficient it will be. Hot
temperatures make a compressor work harder to perform the same output. They
slow down equipment and could even cause a full shut down due to overheating!

summer humidity, means a greater amount of moisture trapped in the air. Without
proper drying treatment, this extra humidity could be carried downline. This
moisture has the potential to damage your products or processes.

there’s some key maintenance tasks you can easily incorporate into your routine
to best prevent summer from wrecking your system. To keep your compressor
working throughout the summer be sure to

  • Clean Coolers — A common reason for an overheating compressor is a clogged cooler. Paying extra attention to these at the beginning of the summer can help to decrease problems later on.
  • Check & Change Oil — Excessive heat can cause oil to break down and thicken, decreasing its ability to coat and lubricate moving parts effectively. Increased oil temperatures also lessen the oil’s secondary purpose of removing heat from the system. Fresh oil will keep your equipment lubricated and free of any contaminants.
  •  Changing Filter Mats — Ventilation is key to controlling summer temperatures, both in the room itself and throughout the equipment. Old filter mats may be congested with dirt, dust, or debris, preventing good air flow. Using appropriate, clean filters may lower operating temperatures and increase the life of both the compressor’s electrical components and oil. 
  • Clean Refrigerated Dryer Condensers — As a result of increased ambient temperature and humidity, there’s more moisture load and heat load on your dryer. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure that a dryer’s refrigerant condenser is properly cleaned. Otherwise, it won’t be able to accommodate the higher heat load. A clean condenser will ensure that the dryer provides the coolest air possible to a system.
  • Check Drains – With more moisture moving through the system, it’s very important to check dryer drains in the summertime. Keep drains in good working condition. If a system has timed electric drains, the settings must be adjusted to open more frequently to account for the additional summertime discharge.

Stay on top of summer maintenance to avoid these concerns. Or call an experienced CASCO USA technician to perform the maintenance for you. We know how to handle these obstacles and mitigate problems before they begin.

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