Buying Air Only – A New Way to Purchase Compressed Air

Often called “The Fourth Utility” because of its role as an essential element to businesses around the world, compressed air is the power behind virtually every application, product, and process you can see or think of. The same goes for air compressors, or the equipment that creates compressed air. Found in businesses, plants, factories, and facilities across the globe, compressor systems are indispensable to keeping the world as we know it running. But how do companies go about getting one?

Ways to Purchase Compressed Air

While the traditional way to get a compressor has been purchasing it outright (or through low-interest financing programs), there has recently been a shift in the way that compressed air providers approach compressed air equipment purchases. This includes providing leasing options, where you can lease the equipment for a defined period and have the option to purchase at the end of the lease, as well as the newer and more flexible approach of buying air only.

You heard right – buying air only! This means that you purchase air like a utility, just as you would water, electricity, and heat. Depending on the program and provider, full system design services and all maintenance may also be included. You might consider this option if you can answer yes to one or more of these questions:

  1. Do you have aged compressors and currently do not want to invest in capital expenditure?
  2. Are you unsure if your production will need to change significantly over the coming months and years?
  3. Do you prefer to defer maintenance and downtime planning to the manufacturer?
  4. Do you wish you had a back-up compressor to ensure no downtime?

The Benefits of Buying Air Only

The first benefit might be the most significant: there’s typically no need to purchase any assets! Buying a compressor installation has an enormous impact on your capital expenditure, not to mention associated costs like administration and capital costs, as well as transport and installation. Buying air only essentially eliminates those costs, as you’re only paying according to the amount of air you’ve consumed. An additional benefit is that in many cases, the compressed air provider is responsible for regular maintenance and upgrades of the equipment. There’s also the unique flexibility of having the equipment adapted quickly to meet any new requirements.

This the purchasing air only option is the right fit for your business? Meet AIRPlan, Atlas Copco’s all-inclusive contract for compressed air delivery! You can also reach us directly by commenting below or visiting us at www.atlascopco.com/air-usa.