Mining and heavy industrial operations require high output, ruggedly constructed air compressors that are capable of being moved around to different locations both above and underground. Not a simple task given the size and weight of most large capacity compressors and the fact that they require a stable platform to operate effectively with the lowest possible maintenance requirements.

One Australian company has solved this problem for sites both in Australia and internationally. Southern Cross Compressors Australia (Now Kaishan Australia), custom design and built a high strength, fabricated steel skid package that facilitates the compressor being moved around the site. The framework also provides protection for the compressor from rock and debris falls while in service impacts.

Specialised compressor filtration systems have also been developed to cope with harsh, dirty and dusty environments.

The skid mounted air compressor and air receiver pictured can be split in two to enable the package components to be easily transported. 

The combination of this innovative adaption and Kaishan’s globally renowned energy efficient technologies which includes Permanent Magnet Variable Frequency (PMV), offers a wide range of industrial single and two stage rotary screw compressors that can be custom built to suit a range of specialised industry needs. A number of variations can be offered including high voltage electric motors for underground applications.  

Kaishan Australia uphold their unique ‘Lifetime Warrantee’ on the airend in all their KHE and KRTSP Rotary Screw compressors (*Conditions apply) and offer custom specified service programs to maintain these compressors in peak running order.

Kaishan also supplies a full line of rotary screw and reciprocating gas compressors to meet a myriad of applications in oil and gas industries. 

As the Australian arm of the global Kaishan group, the company can supply a wide range of fixed electric and diesel portable air compressors and ancillary equipment for virtually every application including heavy mining, oil and gas, industrial and workshops.