6 Unusual Uses for Compressed Air

6 Unusual Uses for Compressed Air

Compressed air is a huge factor in our everyday life, even if we don’t see it at first. Compressed Air is such a powerful tool involved in many of the products we use daily. From manufacturing operations to powering pneumatic tools, it exists all around us. It is even well integrated across the construction industry. But do you ever think about the other, less common uses of compressed air? Because there are a lot. Let this list of unusual uses for compressed air guide you into seeing its everyday nature.

Dry Cleaning: Air Compressors often power the entire gambit of dry-cleaning equipment. From solvent spraying to finishing presses, clean, powerful air is the key to a clean final garment. Regardless of the size of a dry-cleaning operation, you can almost certainly bet that an air compressor plays a role in the system.

Pharmaceutical Industry: In order to ensure production of vital medicines, the pharmaceutical industry has to be precise and clean throughout its process. Compressed air can help that to happen. Using specialized oil-free set-ups, compressed air may power conveyor belts, spray product coatings, maintain necessary pressures, or aid in the packaging stage.

Diving: Though not often thought of as an industry, diving work does rely on compressed air to accomplish tasks. In order to breathe underwater, divers use special tanks containing compressed air. This air must meet special breathing apparatus guidelines, beyond what is typical for most industrial applications. Without this filtered, contained air, underwater tasks for both recreational and professional purposes would look significantly different.

Theme Parks: Have you ever thought about what runs all of those fun heart-pounding, head-rushing rides that you love so much? More often than not, those thrilling rides are controlled by compressed air! Rotary screw air compressors provide the pneumatic powers to lift up, drop, and control the rides you know and love.

Trains: Locomotives still provide an important service across this country moving freight from one place to another. The trains are able to stop in a timely fashion by using air brakes. Compressed air controls pads or blocks which press against the wheels to slow them down as needed. In passenger trains, the compressors also help to open and close doors. Can you imagine what it would be like to have to open the heavy doors manually every time to let passengers on and off or to move between cars? In addition to these uses, the train’s suspension system also typically relies on pneumatics in order to make the ride a smoother experience for both passenger and cargo.

Resorts: What could be more fun that fresh powdery snow at a ski resort? Not much! That’s why in order to have that perfect powder finish, many resorts rely on the power of man-made snow for their resort’s finishing touches. Though it’s not easy creating the perfect artificial snow, having a strong air compressor to power your machine certainly helps.

Though these six unusual uses for compressed air are but a sampling of the many applications for compressed air worldwide, hopefully they give you a bit of an idea of why having good working air compressors are so important. They are so much more than just a tool for your construction project!

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