Dresser NGS Is Now Dresser Utility Solutions

Dresser NGS, a provider of metering, electronics, instrumentation, flow control, distribution repair products, and over pressure protection devices to utility and industrial customers, is now Dresser Utility Solutions.

Dresser Utility Solutions manufactures and markets engineered products for critical infrastructure in the global utility and industrial sectors. The company’s core business has been serving gas utilities. Going forward it will focus on serving the broader utility sector, particularly in the water and wastewater treatment customer segments.

“Dresser Utility Solutions better communicates our expertise and vision of supplying essential equipment to utilities around the world,” said David Evans, president and CEO of Dresser Utility Solutions. “We are committed to continue providing our customers with highly reliable products and new value-added technologies, such as metering with electronic remote diagnostics. Additionally, we are excited to bring back into focus the water and wastewater markets, where we have a strong heritage, with continued investment in our product lines including the Dresser Coupling and expansion joints.”

The Dresser Utility Solutions family of companies currently includes: Dresser Measurement, Dresser Pipeline Solutions, Dresser Utility Solutions UK, Flow Safe, ANDCO, RCS, Texsteam, and Nibsco Automation.