The Benefits of On-Site Oxygen Generation

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Atlas Copco oxygen generator


We get it. A dependable source of industrial gas, especially oxygen, is critical to many industries, including medical, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing. The traditional way of purchasing oxygen has always been bottled or bulk liquid oxygen delivered by gas companies. Tradition, however, is about to give way to a newer, more innovative way of procuring oxygen: on-site oxygen generation!

Not familiar with on-site oxygen generation? The concept is essentially the same as on-site nitrogen generation, where on-site oxygen generators (using PSA technology) work to isolate the oxygen molecules from other molecules (nitrogen, CO2, water vapor and trace gases) to leave high purity oxygen at the outlet of the generator. Making your own O2 is the least expensive way to get O2. By generating your own oxygen in-house, you ensure the continuous availability of oxygen, thereby removing the risk of a production breakdown due to delivery issues or supplier shortages. In-house O2 generation also helps your company avoid the hassle of constant order processing for refills, as well as the delivery costs and safety issues associated with bottled oxygen! Other benefits of O2 generation include:

  1. 24/7 availability of oxygen gas means no breaks in production – and no crashing halts if deliveries are delayed.
  2. Making your own O2 is much less expensive than buying it!
  3. Generate your O2 at the purity level you need! Because generating oxygen of the highest purity uses more energy, the ability of on-site generators to set the correct purity for your application will significantly reduce your operational costs.
  4. Increased amount of floor space! You’ll no longer need space to store oxygen cylinders or install a large liquid oxygen tank; on-site generators take up very little room in production facilities.
  5. O2 generators are typically easy to integrate into a plant’s current compressed air system.
  6. Freedom from the constantly fluctuating bottled oxygen costs, as well as the delivery costs, allows plant managers to establish more accurate annual budgets.
  7. Reduced risk of employee injuries from high-pressure storage tanks.
  8. Reduced carbon footprint by eliminating truck delivery.

There you have it! By switching to on-site oxygen generation, you’re providing your business with a reliable and consistent source of oxygen, as well as the ability to produce your own O2 anytime you need it. Learn more about O2 generation by visiting us at www.atlascopco.com/oxygen-usa!

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