Kaishan Compressors adapt and build self-contained, energy saving PMV rotary screw compressor systems for specialised industries including mining, aerospace and petrochemical.


When a major mining operator needed a heavy duty integrated compressed air system that could be moved around the site as required, Kaishan Compressors designed, built and delivered these 2 fully self-contained packages. With only one electrical input needed and one compressed air output requiring no on-site installation other than to connect to these points these innovative systems provided the ideal solution.

Each is driven by a Kaishan PMV55 variable speed compressor integrated with air receivers, refrigerated dryers and coalescing filters to ensure delivery of instrument quality air in harsh mining conditions. Each system is mounted onto a galvanized skid base with overhead shelter to protect the equipment from direct weather. Stainless steel interconnecting pipework was used to eliminate corrosion whilst weatherproof ducting was designed to allow hot air discharge without any recirculation back to the compressor.  

An oil/water separator was included to ensure that all condensate collected could be cleaned allowing for safe and responsible disposal.

A central electrical box allowed safe distribution of power to all equipment including automatic drain valves and to ensure the equipment was very well protected. Lighting was provided under the shelter roof to allow safe access to the equipment at night.

As the site environment is quite hot and dusty, addition pack filtration was provided to limit dust ingress thereby maintaining clean coolers and internal surfaces clean.